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Dear reader, guest, friend,

After many years of working with great pleasure, the time has come.

We're retiring.
A bit of mixed feeling.   Wonderful prospect, some more traveling and enjoyment, but we will all miss it.
At the end of June we will close the restaurant as you know it now.
We plan to downsize , so we have our house for sale.

From May 30 till June 30 we will serve for lunch on Thursdays and Sundays and for dinner onFridays and Saturdays  our

"Gracias y Adios Menu"

But as long as our house is not sold, we still want to organize

things regularly : dinners, cooking classes and so on, or it is available for private parties.
If you want, we can also come and organize your parties at your home.
We will continue to keep you informed of our plans by email.  If you're not on our guest mailing list yet, please send it to us.

Let us know if you no longer wish to remain on our guest mailing list.
Maybe you'll come this way again before the end of June and we may  still spoil you.

Don’t forget to book your table.
Otherwise, we would like to thank you very much for your trust.
Without you it would all not have been possible.
We hope we leave behind beautiful memories.

In any case, we have a lot of them.
Muchas gracias for everything, all the best!

Marita and Frank





About us


We are Marita and Frank Nollet. After a career as a professional football player in Belgium, my first passion, we have pampered our joint passion, cooking and people, made our profession.

We both have a cook's degree and have 35 years of experience.

We have been living in Spain since 1999 and until the end of February 2018 we had restaurant Dos Lunas on the promenade in El Albir.

In September 2018, after doing the necessary renovations, we opened our restaurant Chef Privado.

It is always a challenge to give our beautifully presented dishes their own style with small details.